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We are the revolutionary one-stop shop for all things real estate!

You can count on us for a personalized, well rounded experience with each of the services we offer!

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Looking to explore the island? We have everything you need!

You can book anything on the island VACATION-WISE with us. The best restaurants, car rentals, VIP services Events, and the most popular activities!

Book with us for discounts and explore St Maarten to the fullest potential.

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When working with us, you can expect personalized guidance and assistance throughout the home loan process. Our professionals will act as intermediaries between borrowers and lenders, helping you find the most suitable mortgage options tailored to your financial situation and goals. They’ll assess your creditworthiness, provide advice on available mortgage products, and negotiate terms on your behalf.


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We can enhance the client experience by offering 360 virtual showings on our website. These immersive tours provide our clients with a comprehensive view of properties from the comfort of their own homes. Clients can explore every nook and cranny, assessing layout, room sizes, and details in vivid detail. This technology saves time and effort by narrowing down property options and allowing clients to focus on their top choices.

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CBPIR is a cutting-edge real estate company that revolutionizes the way clients experience property listings. Through our innovative 360 virtual reality tours, we offer clients a fully immersive and interactive view of their prospective homes. With just a few clicks, clients can explore every nook and cranny of a property from the comfort of their own homes, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the space.


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We will be offering clients appraisal services for their property.

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Planning on relocating to St Maarten indefinitely? We can assist you with everything you need to know about moving the the island and guiding you every step of the way!



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Our company will be able to offer you interior design & decoration services to make your ideas come to life!

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