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The decision of selling your home is an important one. With the guidance of a realtor, you can expect to achieve a realistic goal and gain knowledge throughout the process with minimal effort from you.

Knowing to target the right audience is key when selling a property. Many sellers often shoot in the dark. We can help you with this process more efficiently.


Selling real estate on Sint Maarten is a very straight foward process. The notary handles most of the paperwork and your agents handles all of the negotiating, marketing and more.

Due to the tax haven benefits, you do not have the obligation of paying any capital gain taxes, and the notary handles the commission payment of the agent and buyer.

Be sure to prepare your home for staging, and have your documents available such as deed, “meetbrief”, appraisal for outmust transparency and higher chances of selling your home.


Download our sellers guide for in depth and detailed information on everything you need to know about selling your property with us!

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