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Back in 1986 when Cayman Islands Realty was founded by JC Calhoun and the late Mr. Jim Bodden Sr., there was nowhere people who were interested in the movement of the Real Estate Market could get that information. Having spent the previous five years working for Mr. Jim and becoming his top agent, JC was able to use his local Real Estate experience to author a biannual report to fulfill this need. This timing dovetailed nicely with the creation of the Brokers Association (CIREBA) of which JC was a Founder, which then provided the statistics to support the gut feeling that the best salespeople always have.

JC has produced the Market Report biannually for over 30 years, sending it to our mailing list of over 20,000 persons as well as stuffing the local mailboxes and posting it on our website. Over the years it has been imitated by other Brokers seeking to mirror the success of the original, and some of those are glossier, or larger, or more frequent. But we have found brevity and lack of gossip to be appreciated, so ours normally remains the same length as it has been for years and we try to stick to established fact and professional projections. Besides the relevant sales stats, there is usually a comment or two about the controversial issues of the day.

A few issues have been lost over the years, but all those we could find are posted here. They provide a unique chronicle of the history of Cayman Real Estate, written by someone who always tells it like it is — and was. It always has been, “An honest appraisal of the Cayman Marketplace”.

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